Sunday, 12 June 2016


Bella Hadid, the girl whose hit the fashion industry over the past couple of months hasn't only managed to kill it on the runway and shut all her haters up with her hard work and dedication but she's also done a superb job with her street style! Bella's style is street toned with certain outstanding pieces which make heads turn as she walks past. I love how Bella tends to pair denims with black clothing, while in co-operating a trendy piece, like the choker, in the mix. I also love how the oldest Hadid mixes and matches pieces, like paring a short dress which knee high boots, but adding the army and high pony tail twist in it. Bella's style tends to lean towards the edgy side, which has me hoping that she will show us her feminine side very soon and we can see her wearing some mauves and nudes (a girl can dream)

Bella Hadid is officially part of my style file, and possibly inspration board too! Let me know what your thoughts are on Bella's style.

Lots of love,
Sheryl x

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