Sunday, 10 April 2016


Sometimes, instead of wearing that tight dress with the full faced make up, you just have to throw on your comfiest pyjamas on, grab a glass of wine and do some good old shopping! Recently I stumbled across an amazing website called UNiDAYS! UNiDAYS offers all students discounts codes to use when ordering from well known brands like Bellabox, Missguided and of course everyone’s favourite, Topshop! As a student, I'm sure we all can relate to the constant need to save money but at the same time look fashionable and maintain a chic image and UNiDAYS defiantly aids this process! All you have to do is sign up and your ready to hit the stores (metaphorically of course) and you will have access to thousands of different stores with every discount code at your doorstep. What's more is that you'll get emails when new discount codes are out and let's be honest who doesn't love discount codes being emailed to them?! (That was a rhetorical question because everyone loves it)

For those of you who aren't really about the retail therapy life, UNiDAYS offers discount codes for other day-to-day essentials, like codes from Telstra, which provides extra data (more Instagram anyone?) as well as discount codes for education purposes like 10% off Apple Education (your A+ is on it's way)

You can visit their website here, and see all the amazing deals I've mentioned in action.

Hope you all have a lovely April.

Sheryl x


  1. LOVE UNIDAYS!! :)

  2. will be letting my cousin about this...she buys from topshop all the time... thanks x

  3. thx for sharing dis

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