Saturday, 13 February 2016


Gold is one of my favourite metals to wear when it comes to jewellery at the moment, which is why when I saw these earrings and bangle from Jewellery and Art Atelier, I knew it was meant to be! Jewellery and Art Atelier are a Perth based store (go Aussie) who provide the latest pieces of jewellery and art from all around the world, including glamor capitals of the world Milan and Hollywood. The people at Jewellery and Art Atelier are super friendly, they provide excellent customer service, making sure that each unique customer's need are met. One of the best things about Jewellery and Art Atelier is that they offer flexible return policies as well as free shipping Australia wide (every girls dreams) and not to mention a 10% discount to those who subscribe to their newsletter!

These beautiful heart earrings are designed by Sence Copenhagen and are part of Jewellery and Art Atelier's Valentine's Day collection. A Scandinavian brand who has a practical and a everyday-style approach when it comes to fashion and beauty. The earrings are amazing quality, can be worn all day without hurting your ears one bit! Due to the fact the earrings are made from very delicate metal they do require a bit of care, but at the end of the day it's worth it for such beautiful pieces!

Although I love the earrings, this bangle really takes the cake for me! This bangle looks absolutely stunning with small white stones embedding out the word 'LOVE' on it, gent's it's a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your better half or ladies treat for yourself with this timeless piece (cause why not??) This bangle was designed by Ratius, a well-known German designer who believes that fashion is a form of self-expression, which they demonstrate through their unique pieces.

Hope you all have a fashionable week!

Sheryl x


  1. such a modern and stylish the earrings....

  2. Good job babe! the earrings and bracelet look fab on you <3

  3. the earrings though *___*

  4. YOU GO GURL! KEEP IT UP!!! :)