Monday, 14 December 2015


First things first, prime your lids! Although it's not necessary for this look since we're not working with many shadows but I used some anyway considering I have oily lids and my shadows will not stay at all if I don't prime

Next I applied a neutral base as a base (duh) so that I can apply the next shawdow 

Next I grabbed a earth brown shade and applied that to the crease of my lid, remember to not bring it down to the actual lid but just keep it in the crease. Also smoke out the colour towards the edge. 

Now grab your favourite liner, I used the L'oreal super liner, and created a slight wing towards the end.

Now for the part that ties the whole look together! I grabbed my Urban Decay Electric Palette, and grabbed a light blue shade, the shade Gonzo (I'm sorry I took the picture of the palette upside down by an accident) and I ran that shade on my lash line.

Sheryl x

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