Saturday, 19 December 2015


Recently (yesterday, actually) I had a Christmas gathering at my place with my friends and a Christmas gathering means loads of Christmas table wear shopping and creating the perfect menu! The menu I created was a hit with my friends, everyone had something they liked and every single person went back for seconds and even thirds! 

So I decided to share the menu I created with you guys

I served everything, including the starters and mains, together but if I were to serve it seperatly this is how I would go about it


Crispy Potatoes with avocado and tomato sauce dip of top (link to dish)


Vegetarian lasagna with mozzarella cheese on top (link to dish

Garlic bread (link to dish

Salad (I used four leaves for this; rocket, lettuce, baby spinach and mizuna. I then included some cucumber in this and left some fresh salt and pepper next to the bowl so that my guests could put in as much as they desire. You could have also added some pear or apple for a slight sweetness to the dish!) 


Blueberry muffins (link to muffins)

Fruit mince pies (link to fruit pies)

Blueberry/or apple pie (link to pie)

Sheryl x

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  1. love your decorating style! your so good, keep it up!!