Monday, 30 November 2015


 top: adidas | jeans: topshop | bag: tommy hilfiger | shoes: adidas 

Adidas has been my go to brand in the past couple of weeks, whether it's for out wear or gym wear, I find Adidas tends to keep it casual but adds a sporty feel to any outfit. Let me know in the comments below what some of your favourite Adidas pieces are!

Sheryl x

Monday, 23 November 2015



Adidas has really out done themselves recently, whether it's the 90's vibe or the sporty style that I've been loving lately, Adidas has me hooked. Here are some of my favourite pieces from Adidas and how I would style them. Defiantly keep an eye out on Posh Pastels for some adidas, you never know, it might be lurking around the corner! 

                         Untitled #4612Untitled #4615

                         Untitled #4616Untitled #4618

Sheryl x

Monday, 9 November 2015


Few weeks back, Oliver Rousteing, took the fashion industry by storm when he released his collab line with H&M, also known as H&M X BALMAIN. Before I start giving my honest option on the line I just want to point out that I was buzzing for the launch of this line, the fact the campaign featured Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner made me quite excited for the release of these glittering pieces, and not to the mention the behind the scenes of the campaign, if anything I simply knew I would love this campaign.

But those thoughts went down the drain once the campaign was launched.

I'll be honest, I was slightly let down by what Oliver put out there, I wish he has stuck to a more sophisticated style than a 'party' glitz and glamour. The collection, I felt, consisted of too much sequin at times, with a few dresses being completely made of sequin and sold at crazy prices ($200-$500!!)

But to be fair, Oliver did put some amazing pieces out there, like the dress worn by Kylie Jenner at the launch of the line and the jacket worn by Kendall Jenner at the Billboards (the best were saved for the Jenners, of course)

Even though the line as some good pieces and a few (quite a lot) not so good ones, I feel as if the prices don't justify the product. Although I haven't gone in store to see the quality first hand of these pieces (and won't ever get too since the collection was sold out in minutes), I can't think of what would justify me spending $70 on a stripped shirt that I could probably go to Cotton On and get for less than quarter of the price? That's not the kind of pricing people who shop at H&M have in mind when the enter the store and I wish, oh how I wish, Oliver had been a bit more considerate about that fact that people (particularly teenagers) who shop at H&M don't have a spear $500 on them to spend on a dresses, that's kinda the reason why they're shopping at H&M and not some where like Burberry, in the first place.

Besides a few flaws in the collection, you could tell Oliver had put a great amount of effort in for the collection to be a success, whether it's by hiring live dancers at the launch or having some of the top (and most expensive) models walking his show, Oliver did put his heart and soul into this collection. Just wish he had put a little bit more logic in it as well. 

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection and how I would style them: 

Untitled #4603         Untitled #4604

        Untitled #4606            Untitled #4610     

                                     Untitled #4609                  

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