Monday, 26 October 2015


I decided to create a wearable rose gold look using the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I hope you guys like this look/these kind of blog posts because I'm hoping to do more of these soon!

After priming your lids with your preferred primer, I used Maybelline colour tattoo, grab a cool toned brown with a slight pink undertone and run that through your crease all the way, BUT make sure to focus most of it towards the edge of the eye for some dimension. I used the colour 'limit' to achieve this.

Next grab a shimmery salmon colour and put some towards the front, near the tear duct, of the eye and some towards the edge of the eye. This is known as the sandwich method and I used the colour 'burnout' for this.

Then I used a intense barbie pink and put some of that over where I'd layered burnout. I used 'buzz' to do this.

Next I grabbed a chocolate milk colour and ran that through the edge of crease, not towards the inner crease and not too much since we want the overall tone to be rose gold of this look. I used 'nooner' to do this.

*If you feel it's become too brown toned after doing this, add some burnout over the top to restore the pink tone!

Lastly grab a VERY shimmery shadow, if you have some fix plus spray that over the top, and if not wet a tissue and lightly run your brush over the wet tissue. Then grab the shadow and put it in the centre of your lid, make sure you layer this because you want this to attract the most attention. I used 'dust' to do it.

Remove the tape and do your foundation as usual, then run some 'nooner' under the outer half of your eye and 'dust' near the tear duct. This will help 'open up' your eyes.

Apply your favourite mascara and your done! If you decide to recreate this look, make sure to send me a picture of tag me in your post! My instagram is @poshpastels and my twitter is @eleanorcloset

Sheryl x

Monday, 19 October 2015


dress | free people
jacket | boohoo
sandels | topshop
bag | the leather satchel co
rings | pandora 
necklace | tiffany & co

Sheryl x

Monday, 12 October 2015


Since spring is here in Australia, I decided to do a post on my favourite pink lipsticks because lets be real, spring doesn't exist without some pink being thrown in. Usually, I'm not much of a gloss/sheer girl when it goes to lipsticks, I like to stick to my plain mattes, however I think during spring it's a great idea to throw a think coat of gloss over the top! My go to is my Chanel lip gloss in the shade 119

These lipsticks all vary in colour slightly but at the end of the day all have a high pink undertone.

from L to R
NYX butter lipstick in sweet tart | Estee Lauder lipstick in viven rose (limited edition) | Estee Lauder in candy (limited ediotion) | Chanel lipstick in 61