Saturday, 5 September 2015


Tiffany silver heart necklace
This necklace as been my go-to jewellery for the past month! I love how delicate it looks and works perfectly with all my outfits, in all honesty, when I brought this necklace I didn't wear it much since I always forgot to put it on after taking it off but after seeing how good it looks on; I've been making sure to put it on for the weekends and straight after I shower. The metal that the necklace is made for is sterling silver and it says "return to tiffany & co" (how cute?!) 

Soon by Morris Gleitzman
Finally, I was able to find a book that I love after a very long time!! Morris Gleitzman is one of my favourite authors and I've read all the books his published in the Once, Then and Now series, so when I saw that he wrote another one, I couldn't help myself! This book has probably been one of the biggest eye openers I've had and one that I would recommend for you all to read.

H&M sunglasses 
Usually when it comes to sunglasses, I have a bad tendency to spend too much money on them, but when I brought these ones, for once I didn't do that! I brought these sunglasses from H&M when I saw that they were silver hardware (!!) and reflective (!!!!!) I knew that I simply had get them. These sunglasses are great quality especially for the price they were for and add a classy look to any outfit

Maxfactor metallic nail polish in elegant mauve
Theres nothing more blissful than painting your nails on a Friday night while watching PLL (hurry up January!) This colour has recently been a favourite of mine since I'm loving the metallic tone with the pink, making the nail polish girly but still trendy. 

Make up design blush/highlighter 
I recently stumbled upon a brand called Make up design who sell great make up for such reasonable prices! I picked up this beautiful two in one, blush and highlighter, for a very reasonable price. If you live in Australia and haven't tried their stuff, I highly encourage you to give them a go since their products are well priced and good quality and last the whole day!! This blush is also a great alternative to the Bobbie Brown blush and highlight for almost less than one forth of the price (I calculated it just for you <3)

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Sheryl x 

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