Monday, 3 August 2015


Recently I teamed up with FacialCo, a brand which sells luxury brand leading skincare and beauty products. FacialCo sent me four of their products, a cleaner, night serum, a face mask and a nail filer (you can never have too many of these!) I was slightly weary before trying any products out since my skin has a bad tendency to react badly to products but I was pleasntly supprised with these ones! I've tried all the products on my skin for three weeks plus, I didn't want to post a 'quick' review on them since I really wanted to see what the product can do before I went ahead and recommended them to you guys. As always, the products were sent to me by FacialCo, however the opinions are my own. 

This was one of my favourite products out the ones I was sent, I can see myself purchasing more of this cleaning cream soon as this bottle is finished! The product is in a cream like formula, as the title suggests. Once you apply the solution onto your face, you feel as if your applying a mositursauter; its soft and silky. The cleaner is perfect for the mornings since its light and adds an instant glow to your face after a wash. I also noticed that it got rid of some of my acne marks? That is something I was not expecting considering the cleaner mentioned nothing about getting rid of pimple marks so I was pleasantly surprised! Defiantly a product I would recommend to those who have sensitive skin. 

I've been using this night serum on my neck for quite some time and I've noticed that it has evend out my skin. Not in the sense it's evend out my skin tone, but in the sense my skin feels more 'put together'. This night scrum is great in the sense its not sticky, it easy to apply and abosrbed by the skin very easily which is always a good sign! I would recommend this product to you if you've been look for a serum for the face and neck since it does a great job in getting rid of imperfections and evens out skin.

If you suffer with acne and pimples this product is for you. This liquid gold is a face mask which you are required to apply onto face and the glycerin present in it will get rid of acne scaring as well as preventing them from coming. One of the things I want to point out about this product is that it has a high level of alcohol present within it, so please bare in mind if your skin is super sensitive, then this product might not be your cup of tea. Since my skin ranges from normal to somewhat sensitive, it didn't seem to do that for me. The mask worked deep into the pores since I did notice that after even one go with the mask, my skin looked cleaer! If you suffer from acne but your skin isn't too sensitive, then this is definatly the product for you! 

Hope you have a lovely week.

Sheryl x


  1. the products look great! which would be your favourite ?? :)

    1. They are fantastic! I would say the Thalgo Cleansing Cream was defiantly my favourite product out of all them xxx