Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Dress: Just You (similar

I don't often post me wearing any "party" dresses because beside the obvious fact they're not very everyday causal or something I've seen any blogger really post about. Which is why I decided to break the rules and make a post on the type of party dresses I tend to go for. It is no secret that black is my all time favourite colour, when it comes to dresses I'm super conscious as to what colour suits my tan complexion, and I find that black tends to not only work perfectly with my light tan but it looks flattering while doing so. Another thing that I always make sure when I'm getting a party dress is that it's elegantly sexy. I think wearing a dress that has certain sheer net parts which show some skin, keeps the dress elegant but sexy, leaving something to the imagination. I also love the look of sequin on dresses, I know that it's not everyones cup of tea since it may be too bold, however I love the look of shinny sequin on dresses; it adds a show stopper effect to the dress. Lastly, when it comes to make up, I keep my liner winged and my lips a blood red which a slightly darker red gloss covering my lips. 

I hope you guys liked this post, it was very different to my usual posts but I really wanted to share my love of black sheer dresses with you all!

Sheryl x

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