Monday, 13 April 2015


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Holidays always tend to pass by so quickly whereas school has a tendency to not end. These holidays were busy, and generally consisted of me shopping (an unhealthy amount), relaxing, homework-ing (argh), watching PLL (omg who is A?!) and most of all, trying to get my workout routine back on track!

Last term of school I was very good at controlling my stress levels and not letting school get the best of me, however I was falling very short on me-time and workouts! This term, I'm hoping (cross fingers) that I manage to complete things on time without stressing once more but at the same time I'm able to maintain a swift workout routine without my work being effected.

I wore this outfit shopping with my brother. The whether was one of those deceiving whether's where if you look out the window it looks like a fresh summer day but once you step out you realise it may as well be snowing. I wanted to go for a slightly sophisticated look but maintain a causal feel to it so I decided to pair a black blazer with my go-to blue jeans and of course I simply had to include my favourite scarf from OSAP!


Photos were taken by Side Bar Photography 

Sheryl x

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