Monday, 13 April 2015


Blazer | Topshop | Tee | Mango | Jeans | Topshop | Shoes | Michael Kors | Bag | Colette Hayman | Scarf | OSAP | Bangle | KARAMA

Holidays always tend to pass by so quickly whereas school has a tendency to not end. These holidays were busy, and generally consisted of me shopping (an unhealthy amount), relaxing, homework-ing (argh), watching PLL (omg who is A?!) and most of all, trying to get my workout routine back on track!

Last term of school I was very good at controlling my stress levels and not letting school get the best of me, however I was falling very short on me-time and workouts! This term, I'm hoping (cross fingers) that I manage to complete things on time without stressing once more but at the same time I'm able to maintain a swift workout routine without my work being effected.

I wore this outfit shopping with my brother. The whether was one of those deceiving whether's where if you look out the window it looks like a fresh summer day but once you step out you realise it may as well be snowing. I wanted to go for a slightly sophisticated look but maintain a causal feel to it so I decided to pair a black blazer with my go-to blue jeans and of course I simply had to include my favourite scarf from OSAP!


Photos were taken by Side Bar Photography 

Sheryl x

Friday, 10 April 2015


Untitled #4240

Untitled #4243
Untitled #4244
Untitled #4251
Untitled #4252

It's everyone's favourite music festival. It's every hipsters dream. It's Coachella! As you all may know, Coachella is coming up this weekend and if you're planning to go (so jealous of you!) and haven't got an outfit organised yet then this post is defiantly designed for you, my friend! These are some of the outfits I'm likely to wear if I wear go to Coachella, I hope you guys like them and were able to get some sort of inspiration for all your music festival fantasies.

Sheryl x

Monday, 6 April 2015


Untitled #4228

Blacks and greys have currently been my go to's (surprise, surprise) so I decided to make a quick little post of some of my favourite greys/blacks items for the past few days. I hope you like them! 

Sheryl x