Monday, 16 March 2015


Recently, school has been tough. With homework, assignments and tests taking up all my time, I haven't had much time on my hands to do much else. I decided that I wanted to make a post on reflecting, and what it means to me.

Since I started high school, I've always made sure that I knew why I was doing this. Why I was studying, getting up in the morning to go to school, trying hard at school, getting good grades and the list goes on. However recently I've forgotten as to why I'm doing this, and that's why I decided to share it with you all, my dear friends. 

I literally only have one goal in life. One goal, upon which my whole existence takes place, and that is to be the best possible version of me. I've always tried hard at school for myself, not others, not my parents and most defiantly not my peers. I do everything that I do for myself, because I think that it is so important to do things for yourself and to be selfish sometimes as it is a vital part of a good life and a good mind. 

This wasn't really an outfit post, more of a reflecting and reminder to you all that whatever you do, do it for yourself. Because you are the most important person your life. 

Love yourself.

Sheryl x

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