Friday, 21 November 2014


A Thought 
By Sheryl, just Sheryl.

When was the last time you walked out of your house without worrying that your skirt was too high? That it would attract the wrong kind of attention? That boys would whistle as you walked past? That they would think that you were asking for it? That you were desperate? That you're a whore? That you deserve what you get? That it's not they're fault, because they can't control themselves? That you should be more considerate? That if your skirt is too high and you get raped, its YOUR fault; not THEIRS? That this is the end of your fairytale darling, because the monsters have found a way in, and it was your fault for opening the gate. No theirs.

This post isn't much of a post, but rather A Thought. I'm sorry (not really) that this isn't like my normal posts but I felt as if it was important to post this; more for myself than anyone else.

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Sheryl, just Sheryl.

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