Monday, 17 November 2014


If you're like me and have exams coming up then let's form a pray circle and hope that we pass another year in hell (why aren't you studying anyway?!)

School can be hard to live through, especially with social life (whatever that is) and part time jobs getting in the way. This can make maintaining good grades a challenging task to fulfil, but have no fear because your instructor's here! (I'm sorry but I had to make it rhyme somehow) 

These are my top three tips (yes only three!) to surviving the exams without dying on the way through;

Tip #1; Start at the beginning

Start making notes for your subjects from day one, this will make revision time a lot easier and less messy since all you'll have to do is go through them while everyone else around you will be going crazy trying to make theirs! I use the program Evernote to make my notes, which you can find on the app store.

Tip #2; Rest

I cannot stress enough of how important it is for you to actually get some sleep! Studies show (yes, I'm bring science back) that whatever students study after 11 o'clock has no impact on what they already know; they gain no new knowledge from what they've just done. It's better to get up early in the morning and get some work done while your fresh than to cramp things in your head at midnight which you may not even remember by morning let alone exam time.

Tip #3; Go further

This means to do the little bit of extra prep then necessary. Read a texts that your teacher covered in class but didn't say in particular that it will be on the exam, usually teachers may include a question relating to things they haven't mentioned to be in the exam but have covered in class. 

These were my top three tips for exam time, I know there are heaps more out there but I personally find these three the most useful out of all of them.

Let me know in the comments below on your most given exam tip!

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