Monday, 3 November 2014


Swanston Street

Collins Street

Bons Bons
Flinders Street

Saint Peters Church
Flinders Street

The Little Mule
Somerset Place

The Little Library
Melbourne Central

Acne Studios
Elizabeth Street

As you may know from my previous blogpost and vlog, which you can find here, I spent a day at the city goofing around, getting lost and having a great time not so long ago. Hence the reason why I thought I'd share some pictures with you guys and write a quick little blogpost on my time there. I know no one likes a long draggy post about what they did, they would rather just view the pictures (including me) so I'll try my best to not make this post lengthy and boring! 

We went to a lot of places while we were there but I just want to talk about some my favourites, including The Little Mule, Raw Trader and The Little Library. 

The Little Mule is a cute little cafe on Somerset Place and it's safe to say that they're food is just as good as the place itself! The food at Little Mule was delicious, we ordered smashed avocado on sourdough with feta and lemon; which I highly recommend! Not only was the food healthy, but it was also reasonably  priced for what they were giving. Overall, Little Mule is defiantly a place I can see myself going back to in the near future. 

Next, we headed to Raw Trader. This place is a vegan desert cafe, and all they're deserts are healthy and made using natural products. Personally, I think the place looked amazing, since it was very cozy and modern, however I regret what I brought (Lemon Slice) since it wasn't exactly what I thought it would be. I think this was more my fault than theirs since the Lemon Slice wasn't exactly my cup of tea (I should have gone for something with coco in it!) But I know I'm going to be going there again and maybe trying something more my style....some more chocolaty! 

The Little Library is the cutest little bookshop you'll ever see! Not only are the books there free, but you can also find some really good classics there! The idea of the book store is to either borrow a book, or trade in, so that you can get a new book but at the same time get rid of your old one that you may not want anymore. The Little Library is a place that every booklover should check out for their new read!

Let me know in the comments below whether you've been to any of these places and if you know any good vegan places in Melbourne that I should check out! 

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