Saturday, 1 November 2014



Recently I stumbled upon a brand called Missrebel, and praise the lord for that! Missrebel's clothing is amazing, from their edgy ripped jeans to their girly ivory kimonos, Missrebel has something for every fashionista out there! After seeing how awesome their clothes are, I simply could not resist sharing some (I pretty much want the whole website) of my favourite items from their website with you all! 

I'm not going to go through what I love about every item I have picked from Missrebel, however I do want to share what I love about these three items;

I love how this coat makes you look up-to-date with all fashion trends so effortlessly! This coat is an essential in every girl's closet because it's so modern and can easily be worn during the day or night. I would style this coat with white tee, black ripped jeans and some elegant black ankle booties.

If I love anything more than Kate Moss, then it has to be a jumper with her name on it! As most of you may be aware, Reformation once released a jumper which said 'Kate Moss and some pizza slices' on it and this jumper was a major hit within the fashion world. However with a high jumper comes a high price, and when I saw how similar this jumper from Missrebel looks to the reformation one, I thought it would also be very pricy, but boy was I wrong! This jumper was no where near as pricy as the one from Reformation and this jumper looks just as good (if not better!) than the Reformation one. And to make things better it also has some of my favourite 90's models on it! I would style this jumper with midnight blue ripped jeans and some black hi-top converse.

Ah black ripped jeans, a must have in all closets. I personally like ripped jeans that are moderately ripped so that I can also wear them in winter and these jeans from Missrebel are a perfect example of that! The holes aren't too big, which means that these jeans can be worn in winter and summer very easily! I would style these jeans with a varsity jacket, graphic tee and snake-textured slip ons. 

Let me know in the comments down below which items you like the most from Missrebel and what's your style like!

Sheryl x