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I know a lot of people have said this already, but I'm going to say it anyway; I can't believe it's October already! The year has gone by so quickly and we're at the part of the year where I just want the year to hurry up and end. I decided to make a post about the things I've loved this month.

Lately I've been wearing my light blue jeans from ZARA so often, that it feels as if I'm living in them! They're extremely comfortable and look very flattering when worn, which is why I simply had to include them in my October favourites list! 

Booties. We all love them, but instead of going all safe and black I've found myself wearing a pair of soft brown booties instead. I find they look amazing with an all denim outfit and they work with almost anything you wear; whether it's black, white or blue, brown booties are the perfect shoes to wear when tying your outfit together. 

I've been carrying my Colette Hayman or Longchamp backpack the most these days and I wanted to include them both in October favourites, but that would be against the rules (yes, there are rules to doing favs), which is why I decided to make Colette Hayman bag as my October favourite and leave Longchamp for another time. A lot of people mistake this bag for the Alexander Wang Rocco because of how similar they both look, and the quality of this bag is amazing! Not only does it look good, but it is easy to carry and very roomy, which means you can fit heaps of you belongings in it very easily.

If you've been keeping up with my posts, you would have seen this one coming. Round framed glasses. They are my absolute favourite at the moment because I love the old school look they give and they tend to add a very classic look to an outfit. I also find that they go with almost everything and aren't as boring as your typical aviators or clubmasters, which almost everyone wears now days. They're defiantly a must have for every fashionista! 

Instead of including beauty, I decided to include lifestyle as one of the categories since I haven't had much of a beauty find this month (unless you include coconut face mask as a beauty find). Now days, I found myself reading so many of Rainbow Rowell's books that it's ridiculous! I've brought every single book she's ever written and whenever I finish one, I find myself sitting there crying because the book was so good and more so because it's over. Fangirl, which I mentioned in my haul video and this blogpost, was the first (and best) book I brought, which was by her. Rowell is an amazing author and I would recommend her books to every single one of you, you can find all her books here, on her official website.

Make sure to tell me in the comments below what some of your October favourites are and which ones of mine you totally agree with and which ones you don't!

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