Monday, 6 October 2014


Reading has always been one of my favourite things to do. Whether I'm feeling sad, happy or excited, I always resort to reading as my way of coping with my emotions and stress. Reading is one of those things that takes you to another place, whenever I read a book I always, always, picture of one the characters as myself; this is usually the character I can relate to most. So I decided that this week I will share my some of favourite books with you guys.

Once and Then are two separate books, there are four books in the Once series and this book contained two of the books from the series (the first two). The Once series starts of with a Jewish boy, known as Felix, living in the hope of findings his parents during the Holocaust. Along his way he meets a little girl named Zelda, whose dead parents were Nazi's, and the two begin their quest of survival. I honestly loved, no love, this book so much because it makes you realise how real The Holocaust really was the how cruel people became. Felix's courage and kindness also shows you how no matter what, good always concurs evil, and the Once series is a prime example of this. 

This book at an interesting concept and an even more interesting way of displaying the concept. I don't want to give much away but basically it's about a girl who wants her future to be perfect, a boy whose in love with her and doesn't know it, Facebook and of course love. The Future of Us is defiantly a must read for all teenagers because of it's original plot and mind-blowing idea!

I still haven't finished Fangirl so in a sense it doesn't make much sense for me to review it, however I've read quite a bit of it and it's safe to say I'm addicted. Fangirl is literally what the title says it is, it's about a fangirl's life. Cath, our main character, is a fangirl who writes fanfiction about 'Simon Snow' (a children's book series) and gets thousands of hits on her story daily. Cath also suffers from social anxiety, which makes it difficult for her to open up to new people. She also has a identical twin, known as Wren, who more out-going and has a louder personality. Cath is very attached to Wren, but once the girls enter collage, everything changes. Wren says she wants her own identity and thinks it's time Cath starts meeting new people. Cath meets her strange roommate, Reagan, and her even stranger friend Levi. Fangirl is a story that every girl can relate to, because let's face it; we've all been a fangirl at least once in our lifetimes. 

Most people are sitting there thinking, this isn't the first book of the series nor is it the last, then why on earth does she have it in her reading list without the others? Well honestly speaking, I didn't like the first book in The Mortal Instruments series, which was City of Bones, I found the book was boring and was taking far too long to progress. However that wasn't the case for the next couple of books, the story really kicked up in the third book; City of Glass, and from that moment on I fell in love with the The Mortal Instruments series. I know that the first two books may seem boring but their important for you to understand Jace and Clary's relationship and to understand the Shadowhunter world. City of Lost Souls was my favourite book from the series, which is way I decided to include it, I love the ending and I cannot wait to read the next, and final, book of The Moral Instruments. 

One of the best and most realistic books I've ever read. I found that I could connect so much to this book, I could connect to Mile's search for The Great Perhaps, I could connect to Alaska's need to prove herself, I could connect Colonel's way of being the mastermind behind a prank. The characters in Looking for Alaska were very realistic which made them better rather than boring, it made you realise that you could be in their position, or maybe you have been in their position. I would recommend Looking for Alaska not only for teenagers, but also adults, so that they can see how things have changed since they were growing up and what things have remained that same. It's one of those books that even when you're finished, you're still haunted by.

So those were some (barely any) of my favourite books! Make sure to tell me in the comments below what your favourite book is and why, I'd love to check them out.


  1. Really great reading choices! I have Fangirl on my reading list and I can't wait to read it. I've read a book from Rainbow Rowell called Attachments and I fell in love. Out of all these books, I read Looking For Alaska and it was definitely worth reading. I completely agree.

    Chelsea//The Fashion Rundown// The Social Rundown

    1. I just finished reading Fangirl yesterday and I'm a fan! Rainbow Rowell is an amazing writer, I'm reading Eleanor and Park next, which is also by her. I'm sure you'll enjoy Looking for Alaska; it's one of my all time favourites! xx