Wednesday, 3 September 2014


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Nail polish has always been one of those things that tends to make me feel fabulous, I don't know why but it does. The colour that I love and wear, by far, the most would have to be different shades of the colour, red. I find red a very powerful and captivating colour, and I know some people may not agree and say that black is the most powerful and the most 'like a boss' kind of shade but to me red has always been the one to go too. Like they say when in distress, go to red (they do say that, right?)

 If I want to feel 'feminine' and not badass then I usually resort to my trusty ol' pink, I find pink nail polish is one of those colours that makes you feel fabulous but at the same time it adds vulnerability to you. You could say, it's the Virgin Mary of all nail polishes.

Colours like midnight blue, metallic purple and light, cool blue are also some of my favourites. I love the mysterious look both, midnight blue and metallic purple give, it makes a lady look like as if she's some sort of puzzle with many pieces, yet to be found. For me, light blue gives the complete opposite effect that midnight blue gives; it's more of a fun and playful colour, one that I only tend to wear during holidays, because lets face it, no one likes cheery colours on a sad school day.

As you can probably tell, I really think about the nail polish colour I apply, so next time you see my nail polish colour, you'll be able to tell what I'm thinking, to a degree. Let me know in the comments below on you're favourite nail polish colour and what you do to feel fabulous, maybe you get your hair done? Or go to the spa? Let me know, so I can try it out as well!

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