Sunday, 31 August 2014


We all have had those moments when we just want to move out, get our own place and live life the way we want too. Even if you live on your own now and your sitting there thinking "I never thought that" well then darling, you're lying; because no one and everyone has thought/wanted to move out one point in their teenagehood (is that even a word?) lifespan. 

Living with your family has it's positives, like your laundry being done for you, but it also has it's negatives, like no privacy; ever. I must admit I'm really looking forward to moving out but not because I'll gain independence and I can go out and party the night (well morning) away, no for that I'll have to physically get up and leave my computer and there is no way I'm doing that, I looking forward to designing my apartment the way I want it, something to suit my taste. Go ahead judge me, I know you want too.

These are some of the ways I would want to style my apartment if I were too (ever) move out. Tell me which one is your favourite and how you would style your apartment.